The Sentence of Miss Underestood

"Like I said, your story and these other stories are two different things I see." Miss Rule repeated herself. She shifts her piercing gaze from Billie, back to the large window; the passing traffic silently moving through the space oblivious to the drama."We can't have this sort of thing, this is a scandal; we can't allow this here my girl." She continues, repeating herself again. She returns her gaze to the papers on her desk in front of her and nervously shuffles them. "I have arranged a new school beginning next term, In the meantime you are excused from attending this establishment. Now you can pick up all your books and go; end of term is only three weeks away."

Billie could not move. couldn't speak, her throat dry and tight; she could not recall telling the girl anything bad.

"Go on," the principal told her sharply, "you can leave now, go on, your mother is expecting you at home. She will tell you anything more you want to know."


Billie wandered halfway down the hill to the bus stop and sat on the brick fence there to wait for the bus. It is now pouring with rain. Billie knows her name, how old she is and that she is in the middle of a big city without a raincoat.