Meet Miss Understood

"Billie" Miss Rule began. "Do you recall talking with one of the other girls in your class?"

"Um - not really."

"You don't recall speaking to Glenys Ball yesterday at lunchtime?" Her tone has gone up a notch and the words sound like an interrogation.

"Oh, that, she only wanted to know why I was not at school on Tuesday, that's all."

"And what did you tell her?" quipped the principal.

"That I had to appear in court."

"Well I'm sorry about that; and now you lie as well." Miss Rule replied through tight thin lips. "I have had a complaint from Glenys's mother about all the disgusting and sordid things her daughter is learning at this establishment; your story and their story are two different things." The woman fell silent and swung around on her seat to face the large office window. "And, only half an hour ago has come another complaint from another parent" she continued, "who has also heard the story."

Billie could say nothing, she froze on the spot. She tries to remember what it was she had said to the girl; what was it she said that was so awful, she couldn't think of anything that was so terrible.