Miss Who

"Good morning Miss Kenworthy."

"Thank you girls, you can all be seated." Miss Kenworthy then spoke to the algebra teacher, Miss White.

"Excuse me class," Miss White said to her thirty pupils. "Please take out your Table of Formulas and read the problem on page 44. Quietly please."

The two women dissappeared into the hall outside the classroom, Miss white returned some ten minutes later.

"Billie Lions," Miss White said, looking straight at the girl, "you are required at the principals office."

Billie, a small mousy girl, sat on the highly polished pue swinging her legs; They did not reach the floor. While she was sitting there outside the principal's office, another girl from Billie's class came with all of Billie's books and her schoolcase. She placed them on the seat next to her and left without saying a word. Soon after Miss Rule called her into her office.

The principal pointed to a spot on the floor in front of her desk.

"You can stand there," she said and then seated herself in her own chair behind it.