The Push

The Push
all night head talk of many things said
always upset hurt forever the nature of the life
pain anger hate rage booze and homelessness
choices made along the way coming here going there
all weighed down made profound with wounds and tender feelings
that cannot be said with anything less than perfection

you see with judgemental eyes
achievement and ambitions make mistakes
not everyone finds new ways to solve old problems
all the years of love hope and success
to the smallest and greatest measure
colors lines shapes form the tone of your life
are yours to do as you will

will you torment me with these gifts
will you heal me with them
will you inspire me with them
will you reveal yourself with them

you and you alone will take your life seriously
if you have an ax to grind I do not need it
If it is a wheelbarrow to push, push it yourself
you alone go out into the world to make your own
if you do not like the world the one you have created
go find another do your work get well get happy
obviously, even your Mum cannot do these things for you

Birkett Street 2006