A Fly in my Soup


There's a bed no-one will make
A floor unswept
Jobs incomplete
The car over there, no-one will clean
A cat and dog wait to be fed
fast food anyone
A Fly in my Soup

The hot water is cold
washing begs to be done
Fleas in the carpet,and brave little plants in pots dying
'cause no-one's got time not even for fun
Kitchens never tidy, garbage only urgently dispatched
There's a man who takes all responsability
A woman who is sick of it
Yet another who thinks we are all full of shit

Now there's that carpet to be cleaned
And clothes hung out to dry
No time to ponder bills
Decisions put over in another lie
Somehow though the pain is found
Chasing the cat 'round and 'round
And god help the dog should it shit on the ground
Or dig holes in a lawn full of weeds

Now the heat has come 'round
The house is full of flies
Too rushed for the beach, too tired anyhow
Really time consuming soul destroying makes me fuming
Plans talked out yet never realized
So here I sit in the kitchen trying to find the cause
And realize in effect
We are all just great big bloody bores!